Recovery Services, because you don’t want to leave money on the table.

Now you’re in the know.™

You’ve got processes and systems in place for your transactional data already. We get that. But are you sure you’re getting everything you deserve?








Contingency Based Results

We’ve got you covered, for 

  • In Transit Pricing
  • Contract Period Expirations
  • Bill Backs
  • Rebates from your Supplier, or to your Customer
  • A/P Invoicing-3 way matching
  • Lost Cash Discounts
  • Gross Profit Outliers

The Problem

Most companies have established procedures and systems for managing all their distinct functions. Over time, however, these systems don’t always talk to each other.

“We’ve got it covered” we are told, but on doing a deeper dive into the data, there’s plenty to be found.

The opportunities we present are often caused by timing, disconnected systems, or inaccurate manual processes. 

Our Solution

We have developed secure, proven data analysis tools that are utilized by our team to accurately identify anomalies in the data. 

Our customer portal allows you to interact with our consultants and monitor the progress.

Our fees are contingency based, so you only pay us when we find you money.


The Process

1) We work with your stakeholders to understand the intricacies of your business.

2) We work with you to retrieve the relevant data, be it in spreadsheets, files, or databases. 

3) We use our tools and expertise to cleanse and analyze your data.

4)  Results are shared with your stakeholders, and after approval we can reach out to your trading partners to request the missing funds.


They’re all about getting you information fast. They don’t make mistakes.”
If they feel that there is money to be made, then probably it’s out there. They’ve certainly proved it to me and they’ve proved it to several others within my industry”
“I have a great deal of respect for their institutional knowledge around the chargeback space and rebates and things of that nature. I mean they’ve been around. They’ve done a lot of audits.”
They’re just good as anybody at understanding the twists and turns of payment relationships between manufacturers and wholesalers.”

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